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“Kingdom People Committed To The Work of Ministry” Nehemiah 6

For a congregation to last 170+ years is remarkable. Our theme, “Kingdom People Committed to the Work of Ministry” is our core. In order to be such a people and in order to fulfill the work of ministry, it is vital that Mt. Zion never loses sight of its mission, its purpose, its calling.

A congregation that refuses to be distracted from its mission is a congregation that can endure 170+ years—and more, as it does the work of ministry!

Our focus , in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ ,is maintain this focus. As we move into the next 170+ years, we have been encouraged to continue what the founders of Mt. Zion started so many years ago.

♦ Keep our eyes fixed on the one to whom the church belongs: Jesus Christ;

♦Keep our hands and feet busy for the Kingdom: they are the hands and feet of Christ;

♦Keep our heart completely fixed on the mission that Christ has given Mt. Zion to complete:

This is our reason for being. 

¥excerpts taken from ltr of recognition Superintendent CTC UMC

  May 2022  
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